The project begins with a non-binding appointment. Together we discuss what the wishes and expectations are. This can range from a complete layout plan, including furniture, window decorations and accessories for one or more spaces to the restoration of an existing interior. Depending on the wishes, I make an appropriate interior plan.

Following the intake interview, a quote is made of what we have discussed. This offer includes what we have agreed, the time schedule and the cost of my work.

If we continue working together, we will communicate intensively throughout the course. I will present updates of the 'live concept plans' that will become the final plan of the interior. Whether it's layouts, colors, furniture or upholstery in the interior, we will collaborate to get the best results!

For questions about my approach, rates or a non-binding appointment, you can call me at +31 6 2465 6100 or email.

Parts of the interior plan are (these can also be combined in a shorter plan):

Atmosphere Impression
This is a collage (mood board) that gives an impression of the atmosphere 'mood' of the newly created space.

Layout plan
A floorplan where the objects are displayed in the relevant space, on scale in 3d-view.

Color scheme
With this plan I demonstrate the color combination for the interior. The most important colors that are used repeatedly in the interior are displayed.

Material plan
This plan shows the most important materials of objects, upholstery and flooring in the interior.

Furniture / Accessory Plan
A selection of furniture and accessories for the new interior is displayed.

Lighting plan
The lighting plan is based on the layout plan / floor plan with the objects / furniture. The lighting is shown herein and distinguishes between direct and indirect lighting. A combination of light sources for the space.

Personal shopping
Through my network, I have access to distinguishing suppliers, than the regular stores. For all the elements in an interior, I can provide a fully furnished and decorated space, together with the client.